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Learn skills vital to success in the Real Estate Industry by understanding how to effectively handle over 66 listing and selling objections.


Steve Creighton's book, 'Objections Overruled' enables sales people to maximize their incomes by having the ability to close more often. This comprehensive, yet easy to read publication details methods, techniques, and words to use with buyers that will enable you to increase successful sales and earn thousands of extra dollars in commission.


Real Estate corporations and agencies can use this tool to anticipate commission threatening objections in-house and give the team the confidence required to uncover and overcome objections during a Listing Presentation.


"Thank-you for 'Objections Overruled'. I have a mentoring group in my office I call the 'Solid Gold Club' that is using this book as the springboard for their current focus meetings. Their current focus is on successfully closing buyers. They have found your book to be very helpful. I appreciate having quality materials available for training my sales team. Thanks for sharing your insights."

- Ann Beardsley, Coldwell Banker, Burlington WI


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The Price: 'The Card Game' $55.00

'The Book' $29.95

'Combo Pack' $65.00 (contains 1 book & 1 card game SAVE: $19.95)