Learn the secrets of overcoming objections


The answers to 66 listing and selling objections

Learn skills vital to success in the Real Estate Industry by understanding how to effectively handle the following objections and many more;

  • Another Agent said their selling costs are less then yours!
  • We would like our parents to see it first
  • If we have to reduce our price will you reduce your commission?
  • We were told not to buy in this area
  • We don't want a sign
  • We want to sell privately without an agent
  • I have a friend in real estate, I want to list it with him!
  • Will they accept less for it?
  • We were told not to have a exclusive agency
  • Another agent said they could get us more for our house
  • We don't want an Open House!
  • I think we should wait and see if we get a better offer
  • We would like to look at some other homes first
  • It needs too many upgrades!
  • We thought we would just list it with the agent that sold us the house

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This comprehensive, yet easy to read publication contains 144 pages, detailing the methods, techniques, and actual words to use that will enable you to earn thousands of extra commission dollars.


'Objections Overruled' provides the answers to common objections encountered everyday in the Real Estate Sales Cycle.


Maximize your commission

'Objections Overruled' enables sales people to maximize their incomes by having the ability to close more often.

Calculate the result if you could successfully close just one extra sale or listing per month. If the average sale in your office is $400,000 then just 12 mishandled objections could cost you over $25,000 in lost commission.


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Steve Creighton
Author of Objections Overruled
Steve Creighton was born in Canada and studied at the University of British Columbia. After a brief career in aviation as a civil and Air Force pilot Steve entered the Real Estate Industry. Experienced at every level - sales, management, auctioneer, trainer and owner/operator of one of the top producing offices in the First National Real Estate Group.
Steve and family live most of the year in Queensland, Australia.

Now the principal of Creighton Property Specialists, which is entering it's 21st year of consulting to the Industry throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

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