Objections Overruled - The Card Game


Set of 56 full colour, double-sided cards covering 66 objections & suggested techniques


'A very powerful and retentive training tool'

  • Learn how to anticipate commission threatening objections in-house rather than in the field.
  • Group leader can direct short, sharp training sessions.
  • Give your team the confidence required to uncover and overcome objections during a Listing Presentation.
  • Handle concerns over advertising contributions.
  • Know the objections and how to respond to Buyers while inspecting properties.
  • Tailor sessions for your own office.
  • An excellent training tool for the entire team, experienced or new to the industry.
  • Ideal as prompters or cue cards.


Use 'The Card Game' daily and close more often

Not only an excellent in-house training tool, 'The Card Game' is also of great benefit to agents who carry it with them and use on a daily basis.

'The Card Game' fits comfortably in your shirt pocket or handbag enabling easy access.

Practice with 'The Card Game' at the office or at home. Select a few cards to cover a particular situation.

Use in conjunction with the book to bring back to 'top of mind' techniques and responses required to successfully close.


Earn more Commission-
Preparation is the key.

The only way to become effective at handling objections and moving towards the close is by anticipation and being prepared. 'The Card Game' will prepare you for commission threatening objections and concerns encountered during the listing presentation and while demonstrating properties to potential buyers.

Steve Creighton
Author of Objections Overruled


"I actually developed 'The Card Game' before I wrote the book. During training sessions I found it to be a very powerful and retentive tool for agents of all levels. They have now emerged as very useful cue cards that can be carried with you and used to refresh the brain cells just before that all important listing presentation or the inspection with potential purchasers. Enjoy 'The Card Game' and remember to have fun in this great industry."


The Price: 'The Card Game' $55.00

'The Book' $29.95

'Combo Pack' $65.00 (contains 1 book & 1 card game SAVE: $19.95)